Need help finding a way to paint this

  • Hello everyone,
    I am Adam and I am originally from canada I recently moved to berlin with my german wife. I am a furniture maker and I have a design in mind that i want to paint, I am not sure how it was originally painted but here it is, this is from tozando kendo and martial arts supply, i practice kendo and i found it in their available colors for the body protector, I have a table project with rounded edge and i was wondering if it's possible to imitate this design on top? at first i thought it is Urushi lacquer but when i checked the price and material it cannot be urushi lacquer. I have a double action airbrush and was wondering if there is a way to imitate this design on wood after sanding and sealing of course? any ideas of where to start and what colors/steps to produce it?

    thank you guys,

  • Hello Adam
    Welcome to this Forum.

    The whole thing almost looks like one of my e-cigarette batteries that I once made. At least the procedure should be relatively the same.
    I attach a picture of it so that you can see what I mean.

    To do that, you need silver as a base. Then you can apply the black with the help of cling film. To do this, crumple the foil a bit and then apply the fareb to it.

    The whole results then once a structure. At the end the whole thing is coated with so-called candy. In your case then Candy Blue, let's say from Createx the Cabo o2.

    when it is dry the whole must be sealed with 2-component varnish. Since it is a piece of furniture I do not know if you could use resign as well.

    Greetings Thomas